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Hi my name is Tamara and I live in California. I am 25 and last week I had decided to seek out my birth family. It was about 1:30 am and I was just searching online to fill out some information about my family. I filled in all I knew and prayed over it and forgot about it. At around 7:30 am that morning I received a phone call from my best friend, who I had put down as a contact, and she said that I would never believe who called her. She proceeded to tell me that JoAnne had called her to tell her that she had found my birthmother....all she needed was the registration fee. Shannon offered to pay it online so that I could receive the information that morning. Well thank you JoAnne for listening to the Lord that day. I greatly appreciate your obedience. :)

I talked it over with my Adoptive parents to make sure that they were ok with me talking to Phyllis (Birthmother) and the family. As soon as I got their blessing and support I proceeded to call Phyllis. She returned my call on thursday night and it was such a blessing to talk to her. I found out that I am the third child of her's and the 6th child of my birth Father's. They are no longer together but that is ok I am taking this one step at a time. Well then I called both my brother and sister in Texas and talked to them for a long time. My brother was 7 when I was born and he was just so thrilled and he cried. My sister was only 2 when I was born and so she only remembers thinking about me and missing me. I also found out that I wasn't the baby :) I have a brother who is 20 and so I also got to talk to him. Well after talking to all my siblings it was time for the rest of the family. I talked to all of my Aunts (phyllis' sisters) and we went ou tto lunch on Mon. afternoon. It is just so neat to be apart of God's Divine plan. I am blessed now by two families. My parents who loved me and raised me under God and who loved me like their own. And now this new family where I was missed and loved for so long and never knew it. Phyllis is coming out here this weekend to visit me and then next month I get to meet my other sibilings for the first time. I am just so blessed and I want to say thank you so much for what you did for me. I am so honored that you responded so quickly. It was definately time. I know that God has his plans and timing and I am blessed that it was his timing for us to meet. I know that had you asked me before if I was ready and I would have said NO! But praise God that his timing is PERFECT! Also I forgot to mention. Phyllis had just moved back into the USA and only had that phone # for 4 weeks...Miracles do happen every day! Thanks for your prayers and efforts.

God bless!


Hello Everyone and thank you. I have found my son that I have searched for 25 years for. That search ended yesterday. I have so many people to thank so I will mention the ones I have on address book and if i left someone off please forgive me, I am in a fog right now. Now I need to give everything I own to these 3 women Nancy, JoAnne, and Grace. Without their help I would still be dreaming. I am grateful. JoAnne made the call to confirm (thank you). I was not prepared for what followed, as I am sure JoAnne was not either. I found that my son had been in an automobile accident that left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair. To make things worse he is ill and has leukemia. I am hoping that the parents will want him to contact me so I can possibly help him if he needs a bone marrow transplant. If it is "God's will" then it will happen. Please keep him in your prayers.

This is the greatest group of people and I am forever indebted to you all. Good luck with your searches and if I may help anyone I will be here and try to live up to the rest of the groups expectations. My hope is that you all are successful in your searches for your loved ones. God Bless my never to be forgotten angels, "Nancy, JoAnne, Grace" you found the missing piece to my heart.

Birthson Found Travis


Thank you so much for your help!! I can't say enough about it, really. It went great-he was so nice! My birth mother was not ready to talk to me yet but I am sending a picture and they want to try to get together over the holidays. I am getting married in 3 weeks and it is such a load off my mind that my life is in perfect order now, thanks to you. I grew up an only child and now learn I have 6 siblings of various age range, and 6 nephews!

Again thank you



Hi everyone! We did go ahead and call the Fred that we had the information on. He was stunned to say the least. However, he wrote down the information and got our phone numbers. Today his attorney called Curt and said that Fred did remember Becky and if Curt is his child he wants to have a relationship with him. He wants to take a DNA test which is fine with Curt. I would feel the same way if I found out I had a child 33 years ago and was never told.

I just wanted to thank you all for your help, support, caring, and understanding! Your the best, all of you. We are still searching for Rebecca. Its frustrating but we know that we are blessed to have the info that we do. We dont take it for granted. (JoAnne you were the one who found him. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.)

Best Wishes!
Curt and Amy


I want to tell you all, thank you, ever so much for all the help and support that I have gotten from this GROUP, especially.....my friend, JoAnne, who has been there for me all the way through this. I got an email from someone who says, she is Michaels Mother-In-Law, and she wrote to me on behalf of her daughter. Michael found out 2 months ago that he was adopted, and it wasn't from his adoptive parents. I feel sure it was from his Mother-In-Law, who does geneology. I will let you all know everything as soon as I find out more. He is having a hard time dealing with it since his adoptive parents don't know that he knows. They have been good to him and he doesn't want to hurt them. I can understand that, but I feel like they should have been honest with him and he wouldn't be so confused right now. I will get back in touch with you later, when I find out more....hopefully later on today, since it is 2:00 a.m.

Thanks a million to everyone..... especially... MY JoAnne !!!!

Love you all always,
Ruth Groves

P.T.L.! Thank You Jesus !!!!!


Thank you so much for the work you do to help those searching! I found your site by accident, or what i thought was an accident..but i dont think so anymore. I know now this is where i should have been all along. found my brother, even better a test said so, but who needed a test when i felt it in my heart.

Thank you!
Christie Carmany


JoAnne and list,

I want to thank everyone on the list for their support and sharing. Cathy for running the database that confirmed my information was correct. JoAnne, what can I say, you truly are amazing!!!! As I told JoAnne last night, I had been searching for two years and I am on 4-5 lists. I had only been on this list about a month or so when I found. I am truly blessed in my life and dear friends like you all here, don't come along everyday. Thank you all.

As for the phone call - IT WAS THE BEST - everything I could have hoped for. We have decided to meet next week and go from there.

I am still assisting in two other searches for other family members and as always anyone who needs help in S. Florida or with Catholic Charities, please let me know if I can help. I will keep everyone updated on the reunion.



JoAnne got another notch in her belt today! I found my birth mom, Charlotte. I Called her and she denied, but I am ELATED. Can you believe that? I was sure she was dead. AND she has a photo on the net...I don't see the resemblance, but who cares? I am now fully connected. I know now. I can rest easy. I am so happy. Thank you to all who helped me. Especially JoAnne...You are unbelievable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



This is Donna..........The girl in North Carolina whose cousin found my Birthfather. He landed last night and he and his wife spent the whole day here after we got them settled in to the room. He is just like me. Talks like me, looks like me, even has some of the same words I use. It is such a Blessing. After he goes back home on Monday. I plan to spend two hours a day on this computer. Because of this group I found my Birthfather and I want to help find others. I will need to talk to you so you can tell me what I can do and how but I WANT TO HELP!!!! I love you and I could never thank you enough for the difference you have made in my life and Kim my cousin for everything she did also. Hang in there everyone looking. Joanne is the best and if you are on the Registry you will be found one day. Have faith. It took me ten years to be found. But after 3 short months of joining this group I was found!!!!! I love you all and pray for you everyday!!!!!



Mom I wanted everyone on this group know how special you are. You are the sweetest person I have ever met and you know deeply how I feel about you. Keep up the good work and keep on loving us. The people of the group who are honest and committed to their search need you in their lives for direction. For everyone that doesn't know my Mom (JOANNE) who I adopted (LOL), she is a person who just wants to help and doesn't care who you are or where you came from she just wants to help. I LOVE YOU MOM and I wanted everyone to see this email so I didn't send it privately.



I just want to thank Joanne for finding Ericka my younger sister. We always knew she was out there somewhere and left our end open for communication. Well after 15 years of waiting the day finally came and I am so excited to know I have another younger sister. We are going with Mom and my brother to see her in Georgia THIS WEEK!

Everything just worked out perfectly for us to meet and we will be off on our journey my brother and I to meet our sister we have never known, and for my Mother to meet the daughter she gave up at birth 37 years ago. Oh what a joy to have more family. God is sooooooooo good and this is a blessing I had always hoped would someday come.

Thank you for everything, and your speedy service, one week to find her! You are awesome.

Mary Rediess


Dear JoAnne,

There are no words that can express the feeling of talking to someone you've never met and feeling like you've always known her.

That's how I felt today when Gisela called. She called 45 minutes after I talked to her abrother.

Dianne (bmother) talked to her from my house. Dianne very seldom stops by during the week, but for some reason she did today.

We have her email address, street address and phone number. She wants pictures as soon as we can mail them. This is so cool. Anyway, thanks, thanks and more thanks for all you've done to help me and all you do for others.

I'm still going to be searching for Sean. His asister wants to start searching also. Your site is the first one I'll have her post info on.




This is Candy you found the last piece of our puzzle and helped to locate Kevin for Cindy and myself. I just wanted you to know how greatful we are for people like you. Cindy and I talked to Kevin last night for 4 hours and we have you to thank for that. It is great and Cindy is beside herself. She has prayed everynight that she could get some help to put her life back togeather and God's hand is all over this piece of work. Now at long last one more piece of her family has found its way home and I hope that one day Kevin will come to love Cindy as much as we all do. Thanks again for your unselfish act of kindness you are truly an angel to us.

My next calling is to help Cindy to look for her daughter and I hope we are as lucky with that as we were with Kevin and the people who helped us.

Thanks to you again
Candy and Cindy and David and now Kevin


Thank you Robin and Karen!!..as I said it's good to be "home".
Karen, I'll keep you in my prayers that your bfather will send a quick
reply! The waiting IS the hardest part. Oh my, 4 more days.till you meet
face to face with bmom and sis....OOOOO, the adrenaline has to be getting
unbearable. Right about now I'd be breathing in a paper bag...LOL
As for Joanne, make no mistake about it, she is one of the most honest and
caring souls I've EVER met in my life. I thank God everyday she was brought
into my little world.

To all, take it light and have a blessed day!





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