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I don't post here very often but thanks to JoAnne and another angel named April, I found my bmom. We have been emailing and instant messaging since then. On July 4th we met. We met in Denver and had separate hotel rooms but spent most of our time together. We spent three days together. I cannot even begin to describe how it felt. She is a wonderful woman. We had a great time and took many pictures. We talked alot and she explained alot to me. She showed me pictures of herself from birth until she had me and I showed her pictures of me from birth to now. We hugged alot and cried when we had to leave each other. We plan on trying to see each other as much as we can. I gave her a silver heart shaped necklace and she gave me opal earrings (my birthstone) and a very special poem she wrote.

I want to thank JoAnne and April, if it wasn't for these wonderful women, I would not have had this great experience.

Thank you.

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Hello JoAnne,

Just want to let you know that I found my oldest birth sister Anna Maria. The address you provided to me was right on the money! I just called information and got her number and called her, actually I had been calling the wrong number for a couple of days and just got an answering machine. I put two and two together and researched the number, and today I spoke to her. She has also met my four other siblings! I could not have done this without you; you played a big part in making my dream of meeting my siblings come true. I will be meeting her along with other family members that I have not met this week! She lives about 1 hour and fifteen minutes away from me.

Thanks and God Bless you



Hi JoAnne,

Just a note to let you know that my birth brother "Hal" and I have gotten off to a good start. We have e-mailed almost everyday over the weekend, and have traded photos. Today I actually received an e-mail from Mary. So she must be over the initial shock. She has indicated that she would try to answer any questions that I may have.(which are many many many, and many!!!). So it appears that we are off to a good start, thanks to you.

I would like to have a mailing address for you. I would like to send a contribution to you and the work that you do. Please send me your address. Thanks ever so much.



Hello JoAnne,

I wanted to let you know that Lynelles Mom Frances and her husband met us around 5 pm yesterday. It was a blessed event. Shes a wondreful lady as is her husband Mike of 23 years. As expected, many tears of joy were shed by all. Several pictures were taken and as soon as they get developed I will send them off to you with the money. I can't thank you enough. It is something that no one can explain the feeling unless its happened to you and you know that feeling. WOW! It brought tears to several grown men.......that says alot.

Thanks a million



YIPPEE! I got a call from Cindy at LSS. She received the letter I wrote, and called the number she thought was my mother. IT WAS! She was surprised, and said she has often thought of me. She wants me to call her! I have a half-sister, who has a 10 YO boy! She says she wants to help me find my father! Formalities are:sending her the letter,2 pictures, and release forms, and we're good to go! I got the page to call Cindy when I was at work. I could hardly hold it together. OK, so I didn't for the first hour. She hadn't told her daughter about me, but her son-in-law came in the house when she got the phone call. It sounds like that the news is out. My mother's husband died 2 years ago. She got up in the morning, and found him dead on the floor. She is having a hard time dealing with it . I hope this can help her get through her husbands death. It seems to me that we all take inventory of our lives when someone close to us dies. I can hardly wait for that next phone call.

I want to thank all the angels and members for your support and help. Now I will be searchinng for my father. I also have been helping my co-adopted brother search for his parents, so I'm not done yet, by a long shot. Got to go, more phone calls to make. (smile with tears in my eyes).



Thanks to JoAnne, I have found my bson. We just got off the phone with him and he is excited and in shock. He is married and I am a grandmother to 18 month old Nicolett. He is going to try to fly to Indianpolis soon so we all can meet with him. I can't wait. He is also going to send pictures so I'll try and post them when I get them. Thanks to JoAnne for all her work she's the best. I will keep you all informed of the reunion.

Wish me luck.

11/18/1980 REUNITED


I sit here in astonishment at how quickly my daughter and I were reunited through this database...there is hope for everyone just don't give up...

I have searched for years and god bless JoAnne...see helped me find my daughter...and it didn't cost one dime.

We talked over the internet and set up a meeting last night for dinner and now the missing piece, empty part of my soul is so full of love and peacefulness...she is everything I hoped she we be...she is beautiful and I am so lucky to have found her.

I can not thank JoAnne enough for her help...she truly is one of god's angel's.

Pam Sims



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