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Happy Birthday to my bsibling 8-31-68
by lsstough@msn.com

You are greatly missed and will never be forgotten

Today, I took my first breath. I no longer hear your sweet
gentle voice or feel the confort of your rocking warm womb.

I no longer feel the stress of you wondering
if you're doing the right thing.......wishing that there was no me.

What would the future hold for both you and me?

Would there be a home for me and would they love me
and give me all that I may need?

Would there be other me's for you?

How would others understand about me??

You loved me before anyone else, I no longer
remember the tears and talks we once shared.

I no longer recall your sweet voice, but I do recall
your love for me.

You see if you didn't love me, there would be no me.
You had the choice of having me, and the choice was me.

You may not see me, but I see you each day
as I look in the mirror and see me.  

If you wouldn't have chosen me you wouldn't have touched
so many dear lives....for without me there may have not been
any other me's for you or me.  

So, I thank you for choosing and loving me.  

Please don't ever forget me because I'll never forget you!!!

*Note - We found the adoptee on her birthday on 8/31, and it was confirmed by the Adoption Agency on 9/01/04.  This will be a birthday she will never forget.

Email received from LaDanna after notifying her that her long long sister had been found.


Thank you soooo much!! The words just don't seem like enough. I found out I had a birthsibling on christmas eve 18 years ago. I have looked and looked only to have doors closed. I wanted to say happy birthday just did not know how. I would never have posted the poem, however something pulled me to do it. I just spoke to Vickie for the last hour and half. The things and similarities throughout our life and people around us. It is just too weird/strange however you want to say. If you would have told me this was really going to happen I would not have believed it expecially today of all days being her birthday and all. We are going to talk again this weekend.


JoAnne's message to LaDanna to let her know that her sister had been found
Subject: LaDanna gets to wish her sister Happy Birthday for the 1st time

Congratulations LaDanna !!!!!

Your poem touched me this morning..........so I had to see what I could find
for you being TODAY is her 36th birthday. This will be a birthday she will
never forget. I just got off the phone with her...........and she is tickled
pink. She now has your contact info, so you might want to get your pictures
ready to exchange. I was delighted tonight to find out that you and Vickie
are full blood sisters.

Let us know how things go with your sister !!!!


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