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I sent a personal e-mail to you. We love you and wish the best for you and others around you. YOU are the BEST...you do nothing but give, give, give...to all of us. You are our hero and we love you dearly. Sincerely,
Linda P


Some folks say that home is where the heart is! On that note I left my town to find home!

I left last wednsday to spend one final night being the only child of the wonderful person that I held close as MY mom for so many years!

In her arms we laughed and cuddled and maybe cried a bit at the past we had lived, the present that was ever changing, and the future that we were unsure of.

With a whole hour of sleep, I hit the road on a journey that would take me over a thousand miles away from all I knew to be family!

In a car full of thoughts and whispers of my soul I drove along the long stretch of 35 that was going to bring the thirty-four years of my life together. The windows were glazed with the writings of my beloved children.

Texas Bound read across both side windows and the back window sang 32 YEARS APART ALL ENDS IN WACO   JACQUI AND DEBBIE, SISTERS 4 EVER!

The drive itself was beautiful. Nature has a way of showing what we fail to appreciate so often in life! I saw lots of friendly smiles and waves, I guess in a way it was support for the life change I was about to go through. I did ok mentally crossing the states that divided us, but something about seeing that sign say Dallas made my heart about sink. That is when the tears began,and that is where they stayed for the whole drive as I neared my destination.

Feeling a bit like a lost child in a very big world about 25 miles outside of Waco I stopped at the most desolute little store in the middle of nowhere. With tears upon my cheek I went to the restroom washed my face,and even tried to cover a bit of the fear with some covergirl. I then grabbed a 6 pack of beer paid the nice lady and went back to my car. There on the curb hidden from the world I did it, yes I cried in a beer! I dont think that a beer ever tasted as good as a beer of accomplishment! Here I was! I looked I found I traveled I am here. I threw that simple little can away and up the road I went. (the tears stayed around)

I found my self on the right exit and could not find where I was to go! I finally stopped at a little U-Haul place there in Waco, and the gentleman behind the counter (Bless his heart) handed me a tissue and asked what he could do to help. I called the number I was supposed to and no one was there!!!! So he said well what are you looking for? I told him and with the pride only a man can possess ( you know the kind that ALWAYS KNOW DIRECTIONS!!!) He said well that is right across the street.............see. He was right   (bless the man at uhaul) I got in my car and drove!

I walked into the store and found a general manager that informed me that he needed to make a phone call because the person I was looking for had just left! (go figure) So in my tear stained face I waited! As the casualities of this momentous occasion stared at this strange crying woman! ( attractive huh?) I then went quietly outside and sat in my car and waited. Then within five mins the color of the sun broke through ( and it wasnt just her canary yellow truck) I got out of my car in the drizzling rain and ran to the arms of the woman (not a baby anymore) that I will call sister forever!

We cried as onlookers cried and friends cried! We held on and let the years of being apart slip through our fingers. And for seven glorious days we didnt let go!! For seven days we laughed and we cried! For seven days we ate and lounged! We watched cartoons made fun of each other and I even awoke to her in my bed next to me one morning! We had the most fun two sisters could have had!

I left yesterday at 5 am and I awoke her just before I left long enough to say goodbye! To try and spare the hearts of being apart again it was very quick!

The drive home was longer than the one there and it was filled with the sights of her moves and the silly little things that she did!

She is for sure her big sisters little one!! I drove straight to Des Moines and made a pit stop to surprise mom at work.

I walked in and she turned to see me and I saw a glow that I had never seen before! I climbed in my mommies arms and cried!!!!!




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