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The Gift

Many of you may remember one of our GREATEST Search Angels, Meemaw, who passed away 2 yrs. She and I worked so well together, like soap and water, to clean up some of the most difficult searches. I miss her on a daily basis. She touched many lives here at Adoption Database because she too knew what it was like to be a birthmother who had no choice but to relinquish a child.

For those who don't know her story, Meemaw's daughter found her about 1990. Meemaw knew first hand what it was like to pick up the telephone one day to hear the sound of her daughters voice. They had a great relationship, with her daughter visiting her and her siblings, sending special presents to Meemaw, etc. Life was going so well, but one day Meemaw received a surprising call from the adoptive mother, that THEIR daughter passed away unexpectedly. It was devastating news......to finally reconnect with her and then suddenly she was gone AGAIN.

Meemaw's son, Ron Ryan, a Florida Police Officer, also moonlights writing songs. He wrote a beautiful song titled "The Gift" to tell Meemaw's story which is recorded by Melissa Duval's. Ron has dedicated the song to Meemaw and his sister, Laurie Elkan.

Please listen to Meemaw's story at The Gift

We miss you Meemaw !!!


PS Ron has a special Facebook Page for the many songs he has written and recorded. Besides "The Gift", my other favorite is "Breakdown" Here is the link to listen to some of his other songs he has written. Ronny Writes

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